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Hair Replacement

After a final diagnosis on the Cause of Hair Loss in Women or men is made, it is time to take a decision and choose the best hair replacement option available. Hair Loss Medications like Anti-Androgens and Minoxidil can be effective in early stages of hair loss for androgenetic alopecia. In men they are effective only as the preventive measure for further hair loss by converting the miniaturized hairs into normal hair. For those with more advanced hair loss, where the hair follicles are severely damaged or destroyed, surgery or a hairpiece may be the only practical options.

If you and your doctor have determined that hair transplants are the best option for hair replacement, you can feel comfortable knowing that board-certified hair restoration surgeons are there to take care of your hair replacement transplant. Hair replacement transplant surgery as a hair replacement option is available both as - Hair Replacement for Women as well as Hair Replacement for Men.

However, there are surgeons and clinics that will offer bad hair transplants. One may easily make a mistake if one is not careful about Choosing a Hair Transplant Center.Any dermatologist or surgeon can attend a course that lasts a few days and leave supposedly fully qualified to conduct hair replacement transplants; but remember that performing hair replacement surgery using the permanent hair transplants is a specialized skill which cannot be acquired just by any one. It requires a great deal of experience on the part of the surgeon to perform hair replacement surgery that meets the expectations of their patients. Making an informed decision always helps and taking independent hair restoration advice for choosing a good hair replacement Transplant Surgeon is a good idea.

Hair Replacement Transplant Procedures

Hair transplant surgery involves a a number of complex hair transplant procedures starting with the planning, preparing the hair replacement transplant donor area, and then the grafting of the permanent hair transplants on the bald scalp. It is best to have as much Hair Transplant Information as possible before going for surgery.

You may also consider going for counseling at a Hair Restoration Clinic and finding out about Affordable Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement with Plastic Surgery

Besides hair transplant surgery, there are some other plastic surgery options available for hair replacement. Scalp Flaps and Scalp-Reduction are some of the procedures that are available as hair replacement options. But these usually are more appropriate for patients who desire a more dramatic change. Besides these options are only suitable for men's hair loss replacement, women generally cannot receive these procedures because they have a Diffused Hair Loss caused by slightly different mechanism of Androgenetic Alopecia than that seen in men.

Most plastic surgeons today are leaders in tissue expansion, which is a reconstructive surgery procedure used for repairing burn wounds and injuries with significant skin loss. As a hair replacement surgery procedure it has yielded dramatic results and allows significant coverage in a relatively short amount of time.

In this technique, a balloon-like device called a tissue expander is inserted beneath hair-bearing scalp that lies next to a bald area. The device is gradually inflated with salt water over a period of weeks, causing the skin to expand and grow new skin cells. This causes a bulge beneath the hair-bearing scalp, especially after several weeks.

When the skin beneath the hair has stretched enough, usually about two months after the first operation, another surgical procedure is performed to move the expanded skin over to cover the adjacent bald area.

Hair replacement systems or hair pieces are other hair replacement options. In some cases they are the best or the only replacement option when there is no donor hair available. Partial hair pieces can also give good results in some cases.