Hair Replacement Transplant surgery for a woman – its pros and cons

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Hair Replacement for Alopecia affected Women

There are many factors which must be considered prior to choosing a hair replacement option for Androgenetic Alopecia in women. It is very important to rule out hair loss due to other factors and to stratify the patients according to hair loss and androgen level. Particularly in women with clinical hyperandrogenism, serum androgen testing should be done according to individual presentation before any hair loss restoration treatment is started.

In cases of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), regulation of menses and control of hyperinsulinemia can also serve as hair loss restoration treatment and is able to reverse FPHL (Female Pattern Hair Loss) to some extent. Hair loss restoration treatments like women lifestyle alterations (balanced weight loss and exercise, stopping of hormone therapy or birth control medicines, or Treatment for Thyroid Hair Loss may also be sufficient to induce the reversal) and most of the time there may be no need at all for hair replacement.

Hair Replacement Transplant

As discussed earlier Hair Transplant Surgery as a hair replacement technique is also available for women. It is the best suited to women with a more extensive Ludwig stage 3 hair loss. It is worthwhile reviewing the best Hair Restoration Advice hair loss restoration information, and practical hair loss solutions regarding the whole gamut of hair transplants replacement before accepting it as the final replacement solution.

Mini-Grafts are the best hair replacement choice for filling in thinning areas. Women going for this procedure should have dense hair growth at the back of the head. Mini-grafts are harvested from this dense area and replanted in thinning areas to create a fuller look. Occasionally Scalp Flap and Tissue Expansion Procedures may be used if a woman is judged to be a good candidate.

More About Hair Replacement for Women

Hair replacement systems are another option available as hair replacement for women. Hair replacement systems can include hair pieces and hair extensions. There is a notable difference between hair pieces and hair extensions for women. Hair pieces are custom made units designed to cover up or replace balding patterns or thinning hair. Hair extensions are simply a cosmetic addition to an existing hair style that many women purchase for temporary aesthetic value.

The Hair Replacement Hair Pieces can be broadly classified into 2 categories:

Integration Hair Pieces
These hair replacement systems have vents at the base which are made up of material similar to a hair net. They are designed in a way so that women with thinning hair can pull their existing hair strands through the base. These hair pieces mix with the existing hair and appear to thicken your natural hair and reduce the visible areas on a woman’s scalp caused by a diffused hair loss.

Full Cap Hair Pieces
This hair replacement is generally used for women who have extensive female hair loss. Sometimes referred to as wigs, these female hair pieces can be styled, colored and designed to completely mask a balding head or patchy areas of female hair loss.

It is best to go for a custom solution for hair replacements, sometimes partial hair pieces serve as the best hair replacement option for women. A hair replacement system or a hair piece is an easy replacement option but it can go a long way towards a positive self image and confidence for women who are desperate to find the best solution for hair replacement.