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Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is of much concern to women, probably more so than for men, and there are many more causes for hair loss in women than one would imagine. The presentation of hair loss, however, is much different than that seen in in men. The Management of Hair Restoration for Women requires significant expertise both for diagnosis as well as for treatment. It is very important to understand the causes of hair loss before one goes for any kind of treatment because there are a number of quacks who try to make money playing on emotions of hapless women. Since most women are prone to hair loss for some reason or other it is in the interest of any woman to know the causes of hair loss and hair restoration treatments available.

Classification of Causes of Hair Loss in Women

The causes for hair loss in women can be broadly classified into the genetic and non genetic. And it can also be classified as localized or diffuse based on the presentation of hair loss. There can be a number of causes of hair loss in women other than Androgenetic Alopecia which is the most common cause for female balding.

There are two simple "bedside" tests that a doctor can use to help support a diagnosis of the causes of hair loss. The first is the "hair pull" in which a fingerling of hair is gently pulled and the hairs that easily pull out are counted. The second is "densitometry" in which a small area of the scalp is clipped short and examined under magnification (usually 30x). The hair density (number of hairs per cm) can then be measured and the approximate percentage of hairs that are in a miniaturized state (and subject to being lost) can be assessed.

For assessing the causes of hair loss, a hair loss specialist can also ask for hair analysis. Hair analysis as a separate topic in has been dealt with in detail in a separate article. Hair Analysis in some cases may also be advised by some Hair Restoration Clinics/Doctors to rule out certain causes of hair loss. But before one visits a hair restoration clinic or a hair loss specialist it is better to have some information and understanding about the possible reasons for hair loss.

Understanding Causes of Hair Loss in Women

To understand the cause of hair loss in women, and know its management, reading the following articles can be of great help:

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