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Here is a site for men and women who have been looking for proven hair regrowth treatments to their increased hair loss.Increased hair loss is very common condition and most women and men are overwhelmed by the large number of hair re growth treatments, formula, products suggestions, treatments and information available on net while searching for appropriate solutions for hair re growth.

The present site aims at providing the hair re growth information which is most practical and at the same time able to provide the justification for its use in a particular situation. If you want your hair re growth treatment to be effective it is very essential to know the cause of your hair loss.

Care has been taken to provide the information in the graded manner; first you know the cause, find out what are the hair re growth options available and then choose the hair regrowth treatment which is ‘the best’, whether it is choosing a hair re-growth product, choosing a hair replacement option or going for hair transplant surgery.

Hair Loss Control for Different Causes of Hair Loss in Men

For hair loss control to be effective, it is essential to first know the exact cause of the hair loss. Some hair shedding in men, as well as women, is normal and there need not be any peculiar cause for the hair loss.
Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is of much concern to women, probably more so than for men, and there are many more causes for hair loss in women than one would imagine.
Natural Hair Care the Best Treatment for Hair Loss

There are several Causes of Hair Loss in Women and men and as there are a number of causes, there are also a number of Hair Loss Medications for Males and Females available.
Hair Replacement Options for Men and Women

After a final diagnosis on the Cause of Hair Loss in Women or Men is made, it is time to take a decision and choose the best hair replacement option available.
Hair Follicle Drug Testing

The detection of the presence of drugs in hair is based on a simple principle. Drugs that are ingested circulate in a person's bloodstream will infiltrate into cells in the body including those in hair follicles.